ROSE series

2RO SITTORI. Smooth and shiny type

■For dry hair that is hard to manage.
■For frizzy, stiff hair.

Graceful Rose scent

The supplementary ingredient, Ceracute(R)-G, provides natural silky touch, while the formula of sesame, brown sugar, shea butter, and jojoba oil moisturizes the hair, leaving it silky and shiny.

Sugar Ester (conditioning agent) / Jojoba Oil・Brown Sugar・Shea Butter・Sesame Oil・Lipidure(R) (moisturizer) /Keratin・Collagen・Hematin ・Ceracute(R)-G (repairing agent) / Licorice Extract・Fennel Extract/ Damask Rose Oil (scent) / etc.

Treatment of hair 2 SITTORI

Treatment of Hair 2-RO SITTORI


Treatment of hair 2-RO SITTORI Standard 210g
¥3,990(Including tax)
Treatment of hair 2-RO SITTORI mini bottle Mini bottle 50g
¥945(Including tax)
Treatment of hair 2-RO SITTORI eco Eco size 1,000g
¥12,075(Including tax)
エコサイズ用 ポンプ Pump
¥210(Including tax)
エコサイズ用スタンドホルダー Stand Holder
¥1,260(Including tax)