Healthy hair - The Essence of a Beautiful Hairstyle.

Of cosmetics has started creating products made of natural and technological ingredients; from the items using organic ingredients to the items applying advanced technology, since 1988. Osamu Furusato, founder of Of cosmetics, and the owner of Of HAIR (hair salon) says that you need a good conditioned hair to get a good designed hair. Since he works as a hairstylist, he realized that the shampooing is the most important and valuable hair care for good conditioned hair.

“Shampoo should be something like medicines.” Osamu says. Your hair condition is always keep changing like the weather, environment, your physical condition, and also mental condition. Like you choose the fine clothes every morning, you need to choose right shampoo and other hair care products.

“We just keep creating the products that both customers and the professionals would like to use.”
The policy of Of Cosmetics is very simple like this statement. We keep innovating our products as the trend of hairstyle and the environment surrounding us change.
Your voice of what you would like to be is always welcomed, and that’s the treasure of our innovation.

Osamu Furusato